Mission Statement:

The Westmoreland Homesteads-Norvelt Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history and artifacts of the Westmoreland Homesteads-Norvelt Subsistence Community.

"Originally called "Westmoreland Homesteads," Norvelt was established April 13, 1934 by the Federal government as part of a New Deal Homestead Project.  With 250 homes, Norvelt provided housing, work, and a community environment to unemployed  workers and their families during the Great Depression. It was renamed "Norvelt" in 1937 in honor of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her interest in the project."

The Society seeks to gather and preserve documents, artifacts, and historical materials illuminating the background, creation and on-going development of Westmoreland Homesteads-Norvelt and to promote an understanding and appreciation of this history and the people affiliated with it.

Meetings are held each month on the third Monday at 7 PM at the Norvelt Union Church.  Everyone is welcome.


Norvelt Historical Society   

“With the current economic situation the way it is, there is a renewed interest in President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal era.”

  1. -Michael Cary